Renowned Trainers are appointed as permanent Staff to train the students and encouraging the students to develop their aptitude in each area and make them “industry ready”.

Aptitude is what characterizes the Analytical, Observational and Applicational ability of individual, because it is very much essential for candidate to think in complex situations. This is more important or we should say necessary nowadays than ever, when one can see Aptitude as being primary to every recruiter’s assessment of candidates. This is because Aptitude is what predicts how you will perform in your actual job.

Aptitude test demonstrates the following abilities of candidate

  • (1) Prediction and observation power.
  • (2) Memory, concentration and calculation power.
  • (3) Common sense and presence of mind.
  • (4) Ability of Critical Thinking (HOW TO DO?)
  • (5) Professional Approach (WHAT TO DO?)
  • (6) Social Approach (WHY TO DO?)
  • (7) Corporate specific approach (WHEN TO DO?)

Typical Aptitude tests include following Sections / Topics / Areas.

  • (1) Quantitative Aptitude:
  • (2) Aptitude of Logical Reasoning:
  • (3) Inductive Reasoning Aptitude:
  • (4) Verbal Aptitude :
  • (5)Non- Verbal Aptitude:


Academic Expansion from 1988 Onwards.

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