Department of Diploma Computer Engineering welcomes young aspirants around the globe to shape their career. Now a days, Computer is an integral part of modern life style and there is no official job that can be executed without computer. In each and every area of business or academics, computer is the first requirement. But for manufacturing and maintenance of these large number of computer systems we need expert technicians who have proper practical knowledge about the topic. So there comes the need of diploma holders in computer engineering. They are the main workforce who helps in the maintenance and production of the computer technology of the nation.

The diploma course is open to those students only who have passed their class 10 or class 12. Minimum age requirement is 15 years. In the 3 year diploma course in computer engineering is divided into half yearly semesters. The student’s performances are evaluated on the basis of their performances in practical and theory with equal stress on both.

Diploma computer is the starting point for learning the basic knowledge of computer. This course covers all the fundamental theory subjects, computer languages and hardware knowledge. It includes the practical subjects which are most important for finding best carrier either in fields or academics.

After completing diploma, students can take admission into degree course or can start their career directly because this course covers all the fundamental subjects important for finding good jobs. When diploma students take admission in degree course, they start learning directly from third semester of degree course.

Computer engineering department was established in the year 2005 to provide quality education to the students in the area of Computer. The department has excellent laboratory facilities and well qualified and experienced staff in all the interdisciplinary areas of computer engineering.  It gives academic freedom to faculties for implementing innovative ideas in teaching learning methodologies & Research for student perspective. Department does regular quality assessment through Weekly test, Mid-Semester exams and Pre-university exams. Current intake of the department is 120.


  • Transform students into technically competent, socially responsible and ethical Computer Science professionals.
  • Encourage students to become self-motivated, problem solving individuals who can find and understand the knowledge needed to be successful in the profession.
  • To establish Industry Institute Interaction to make students ready for the industrial environment.
  • To provide exposure to students to the latest tools and technologies in the area of computer hardware and software.
  • To promote research based projects/activities in the emerging areas of technology convergence.


To provide a learning environment that helps students to be successful in their professional lives and to prepare students to be lifelong learners by offering a solid theoretical foundation in computing along with applied computing experiences and educating them about their professional, and ethical responsibilities. To producing quality graduates trained in the latest tools and technologies and striving to make India a world leader in software and hardware products and services.


Moral Values are the worthy ideals or principles that one follows to distinguish the right from the wrong. These ideals or virtues are considered worthy in building up the character of an individual. Moral Value refers to the good virtues such as honesty, integrity, truthfulness, compassion, helpfulness, love, respectfulness, hard-work, etc. Students are the future of India. The future of our country depends upon the moral values imparted to them during their student life. Moral lessons should be properly implemented among students in school and colleges. The method of teaching moral values to students is universal. It is the most important duty of the teachers.

  1. Our institute offers so many opportunities to learn something new every day for students and faculties.
  2. The unique property of this institute is that it not only focuses on skill development part of student and faculties but also focuses on how they can perform well and serve the society as good human being.
  3. So many co curricular and extracurricular activities that develop management skills, communication skills, presentation skills, depth of knowledge in students and faculties.
  4. Our student and faculty should have properties like
    • Academically excellent
    • Critical thinkers and effective communicators
    • Open to learning and personal development
    • Active citizens
  • Diploma computer is the starting point for learning the basic knowledge of computer.
  • This course covers all the fundamental theory subjects, computer languages and hardware knowledge.
  • It includes the practical subjects which are most important for finding best career either in fields or academics.
  • Thus after completing diploma computer engineering program, anyone can have knowledge of all the areas required to decide proper career.
  • Student may have ability to apply knowledge of computing and mathematics appropriate to the discipline
  • Student may have ability to analyze a problem, and identify and define the computing requirements appropriate to the hardware or software part.
  • Students may have ability to design, implement, and evaluate a computer-based system, process, component, or program to meet desired needs.
  • Students may have ability to work in a team to accomplish a common goal.
  • Students may have understanding of professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues and responsibilities
  • Students may have ability to communicate effectively.
  • Students may have ability to use current techniques, skills, and tools necessary for hardware or software development.
  • Students may have ability to apply mathematical foundations, algorithmic principles, and computer science theory in the modeling and design of computer-based systems.
  • Students may have ability to apply design and development principles in the construction of software systems of varying complexity.
  • After completing diploma, students can take admission into degree course or can start their career directly because this course covers all the fundamental subjects important for finding good jobs. When diploma students take admission in degree course, they start learning directly from third semester.
  • Students can take admission into B.Tech/B.E, B.Arch, BCA, B.Sc-IT etc.
  • Students can find openings as software engineers, hardware engineers, network engineers, system developers and programmers etc.
  • Students may get job directly in Computer Hardware Industry, Computer Service Industry, Web Designing and publishing, Electronics and Communication Industries, Networking and maintenance industries – and many more, Consultancy Services, Software Development Industries, Mobile Application Development etc.


Name of Faculty


Educational Qualification Specialization Year Of Experience Photograph
1 Bhumika S Zalavadia I/C HOD M. Tech. (Information Technology) Web Development and Database Management 17 Years
2 Mukesh M. Patel Lecturer M.E.(Computer Engineering) Cloud Computing 17 Years
3 Nirali B Gondalia Lecturer M.Tech(Software Systems) Database Systems,JAVA and Andoird Programming 13 Years
4 Vishal P Gohil Lecturer M.Tech(Computer Science Engineering) Object Oriented Programming 10 Years
5 Krishna G Sagevadiya Lecturer B.E(Information Technology) Operating System, Data Structure 3 Years
6 Janak H Maru Lecturer M.E.(Computer Engineering) IMAGE PROCESSING 2 Years 6 months
7 Dhavalchandra K Pandya Lecturer M.E.(Computer Engineering) Artificial Intelligence 1 years 6 months
8 Milan N Gohel Lecturer M.E Pursuing (Computer Engineering) Data mining 1 Year
Sr.No Name of student Semester Year Achievement Details
1 Gandhi Vishwa Parasbhai 5 2018 ISTE Best Student Institute
2 Darsh Ambaliya 4 2017 10th rank in GTU
3 Vishwa Gandhi 2 2017 1st rank in Tech Idea Competition
4 Darsh Ambaliya 4 2017 2nd rank in Tech Idea Competition
5 Renish Chaniyara 4 2017 2nd rank in Tech Idea Competition
6 Hardvee Mankad 4 2017 3rd rank in Tech Idea Competition
7 Kunj Depani 4 2017 3rd rank in Tech Idea Competition
8 Parth D. Kacha 6 2017 1st rank in Project Fair-2017
9 Parth A. Kacha 6 2017 1st rank in Project Fair-2017
10 Nikunj Dodiya 6 2017 1st rank in Project Fair-2017
11 Kishan Bhanvadia 6 2017 2nd rank in Project Fair-2017
12 Preet Gadhiya 6 2017 2nd rank in Project Fair-2017
13 Manaharsinh Jadeja 6 2017 2nd rank in Project Fair-2017
14 Kairavi Shah 6 2017 3rd rank in Project Fair-2017
15 Annu Payyappilly 6 2017 3rd rank in Project Fair-2017
16 Stuti Shah 6 2017 3rd rank in Project Fair-2017
17 Twinkal Desai 6 2017 1st rank in Drawing Competition
18 Alpa Vaghela 6 2017 2nd rank in Drawing Competition
19 Jinkal Kachhadia 6 2017 3rd rank in Drawing Competition
Sr No Title of Research Paper Name of Faculty Designation Link to the Paper Published
1 Cloud Computing Architecture, Services and Deployment Models Bhumika S. Zalavadia I/C HOD
2 Linux Architecture and Advantages Bhumika S. Zalavadia I/C HOD
3 Ways to Use Mobile Phones Safely Bhumika S. Zalavadia I/C HOD
5 An Analysis of Threats and Security Issues in the World of Cloud Computing Dhaval K. Pandya Lecturer
7 A Review of Target Tracking Approaches in Wireless Sensor Network Dhaval K. Pandya Lecturer
8 The Brief Study of The Different Types Of Noise Model Janak H Maru Lecturer
Sr. No. Date Topic Speaker
1 25/1/2018 Skill Development Dr. D.P.S Verma
2 04/06/2018 Beautiful Mind Dr. Gururaj Khargaji
3 04/09/2018 Yogic Balance Therapy Mr. Dilip Dholakia
4 13/7/2018 Desh ko Bahdana he to shiksha ko badhana hoga Mr. Atul Kothari
5 28/9/2018 IEEE Explore Mr. G.K.Upadhyay
6 10/05/2018 Ethics and values in today’s world Mr.Gururaj Karjagi
7 10/06/2018 Journey from teachers to Guru Mr.Gururaj Karjagi
8 10/10/2018 English Enhancement Program Mr. Ashish Shukla
9 13/10/2018 Dynamics of Effective Teaching Dr.Hetal Thakar
10 02/08/2017 IEEE Training Session Akshay Prasanna
11 02/11/2017 Nurturing Innovation by doing Project Mr. Narayan Iyer
12 03/07/2017 Japanese Water Purifier Mr.Krunal
13 04/07/2017 Importance of Herbal drugs in treatment of Depression Mr. Vimal Kumar,Mr. Arvinda Nayak
14 04/07/2017 Depression – let’s talk Dr.Paresh Shah
15 29/4/2017 Vision 2030 for better positive life Dr. B.M.Hedge
16 07/04/2017 Teaching is challenging Dr. J N Shah
17 18/7/2017 Active Learning D.R.Mandaviya
18 18/8/2017 Right Brain management techniques Dr.V.K.Tripathi
19 22/8/2017 Plagarism Dr.Vaishali Parsania
20 25/9/2017 Awareness of Swine flu and Chiken Gunia Dr. Madhulika A Mistry
Dr. H M Tank
21 03/12/2016 Quality Assurance In Higher Education Hitesh Shukla
22 14/5/2016 Time Management for Effectiveness S.R. VARMA
23 14/5/2016 Patent Filling Process in India Ashish M. Kothari
24 30/7/2016 Gurukulam Shanskruti Ayurveda Dr. Mehul Acharya
25 15/11/2016 Decentralized Solar System Rakesh Oza
26 28/6/2016 TeckAge by Globarena Globareba Team
27 14/5/2016 Acedamic Performance Index Alpesh Joshi
28 04/07/2016 Beat Diabetes Dr. Pooja Khirsariya
29 19/3/2016 Workshop in Energy Conservation K. R. Siddhapura

Slum Area Visit

In this activity students have made food packets with the help of department faculties. With students we are going to distribute food packets in nearby slum areas. This type of activity develops courage in students to help needy people. Students can observe the problems of slum area people and think to help them. They also feel gratitude for what they have that other doesn’t have. They can feel joy of giving.

Drawing Competition

This is a non-technical event in which students can draw any picture which demonstrates how trees are useful in our life. As without trees our life is not possible, this type of competition spreads awareness about importance of trees and students can realize that we should save trees and also plant more and more number of trees.

Essay Competition

This competition is arranged as a part of celebration of Teacher’s Day. Topics like Importance of Teachers in our Life, If there are no Exams etc topics are given to students and they need to write an essay on any selected topic in 2 Hrs.

Expert Lecture on Vioal-Network Security

Basic details about computer network and also it covers brief knowledge of devices which are used in computer network (like switch, router, hub, repeater etc). And lecturer also covers the demonstration of router configuration and real time example.

Expert Lecture on Multimedia & Animation Industry Awareness

MAAC is a very famous industry working in graphics and cinematic. Expert from this industry is going to demonstrate how computer graphics is used for making advertisements, short clips, movies etc. Expert is going to discuss various topics like landscape of the media and entertainment industry, extensive use of VFX and animation in film making, manpower requirements in the industry, opportunities in market and real life examples. We invite expert from Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic, Rajkot

Tech Idea Competition

In this competition students can select any topic related with latest technology and give presentation on that. Students may use charts, models, ppts etc. By this type of event students come to know about latest or emerging technologies all over the world. It also improves presentation and communication skills of students. It helps to build confidence in students.

Expert Lecture on Bootstrap

Bootstrap is the concept which is used in website development. Through this seminar students can come to know about what is bootstrap and how it can be used in projects of website development. We invite expert faculty from Tops Technologies, Rajkot.

Industry Visit at Balaji Wafers, Rajkot

Aim of this visit is to provide automation concepts of industry. After this visit students can understands how computers useful in different industry.

Industry Visit at BISAG, Gandhinagar

BISAG is government organization which develops different software for ISRO. Students can learn about this software.

Industry Visit at MY FM,Rajkot

Aim of this visit is to provide automation concepts of radio. After this visit students can understands how electronics and computer useful in different industry.

Expert Lecture – Hardware and Networking

Expert comes from NSIC. NSIC Technical Services Centre, Rajkot, is one of the Technical Services Centre of National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC), an ISO 9001:2008 certified Government of India Enterprise. NSIC has been working to fulfill its mission of promoting, aiding & fostering the growth of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises. Seminar covered the hardware and network configuration skills required in market today.

Expert Lecture on Drive into Object Orientation

Expert comes from TCS,Gandhinagar. Seminar covered the real idea of object and its properties. It covered the real life examples of different topics of syllabus like inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction etc. It also covered how object orientated technologies are useful in market today.

Project Competition

“Project Based Learning” or “Problem Based Learning” is a unique approach to teaching students while developing their critical thinking and problem solving skills through collaboration with a small group of others, while fighting problems and situations more commonly faced in ‘real-life’ than in the classroom. Every year we organize this competition.

Expert Lecture on Android

Expert comes from Tops Technologies,Rajkot. Mobile computing and application development is the subject in diploma 6th semester which covers basic concepts of Android operating system. So it is required for students to get some ideas of Android from the market point of view and industry point of view.

Quiz Competition

Today most of the examinations for job either in government sectors or private sectors are conducted online. For example the examination of GATE which is the most important examination for engineering students is conducted online. So online quiz competition is planned for semester-VI students so that they can know how to attempt online examinations. It teaches students how to do time management during such online examination.

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