About Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering department was established in the year 2005 to provide quality education to the students in the area of Mechanical Engineering and to cater the needs of industry. Department has well developed infrastructure for diploma program in Mechanical Engineering. The department has excellent laboratory facilities and workshops, well qualified and experienced staff in all the interdisciplinary areas of mechanical engineering. We create a conducive environment for teaching – learning process and our faculty members always strive hard for academic excellence and overall personality development of students.

The Students along with basic courses like Engineering Graphics, Mechanical Drafting, Computer aided Drafting, Shop Skills, Manufacturing Processes, Fundamentals of Maintenance Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Theory of Machine, etc., are also taught advanced courses like Machine Design, Power Plant Engineering, Quality Engineering, Fluid Power control, Computer Aided Design & Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM). Industrial training is also an inbuilt feature of the programme.

The department is offering consultancy by using CAD/CAM software such as Pro/Engineer, MASTERCAM. Department also conducts training programme for industry person and academicians.

Major Laboratories Are:

  • Workshop
  • Machine design Lab
  • Thermal lab
  • Strength of Material Lab
  • Theory of Machine Lab
  • Cad Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics And Hyl. Machine Lab
  • M & I Lab
  • Engineering Drawing Lab
  • Material Technology Lab


  • To impart highest quality education to the students to build their capacity and enhance their skills to make them globally competitive mechanical engineers.
  • To maintain state of the art research facilities to provide collaborative environment that stimulates faculty, staff and students with opportunities to create, analyse, apply and disseminate knowledge.
  • To provide the students with academic environment of excellence, leadership, ethical guidelines and lifelong learning needed for a long productive career.
  • Inculcating the feeling of oneness and service to humanity, in the minds of students to serve the society better.


Mechanical Department strives to be recognized globally for outstanding education and research leading to well qualified engineers, who are innovative, entrepreneurial, successful in advance field of engineering & research and to cater the ever changing industrial demands and social needs.


Value Education in Academic Curriculum, We all have the same intention which is of universal harmony but what is lacking is the competence and right understanding. Explain the correct order of priority among right understanding, relationship and physical facilities and state the role of education is to facilitate this understanding and transformation.

Having strong background in basic science and basic mathematics and use these tools in their own engineering field.
Follow and contribute to the developments in their own field recognizing the significance of lifelong learning.
Apply their knowledge of Mechanical Engineering in their day to day life.
Have a strong commitment to quality in all that they do.

Program Specific Outcomes :

  • Achieve excellence in product design, thermal engineering and manufacturing system by acquiring knowledge in mathematics, science and designing principles.
  • Analyse, interpret and provide solutions to the real life mechanical engineering problems.
  • Develop an approach to solve multidisciplinary problems of manufacturing and allied industries
  • Learn managerial skills to work effectively in a team and in a society by following ethical and environmental practices.
  • Respond to the demand of the society by engaging in lifelong learning.

After successfully completion of Diploma Mechanical Engineering, Career Opportunity for the student in the area of such as..

  • Manufacturing industries
  • Design and development
  • Power plant
  • Refrigeration and air-conditioning industries
  • Automobile industries
  • Automation units
  • Maintenance and safety
  • Testing and inspection

Also student can be recruiting in the industries like…..

Sr No. Name Of Faculty Designation Educational Qualification Experience Specialization Photograph
1 Mr. Indrajitsinh J Jadeja I/C HOD M.E. MECHANICAL 8 YEAR (ACADEMIC)
2 Mr. Vishal G Chhaya Lecturer M.E. MECHANICAL 9 YEARS CAD/CAM
4 Mr. Rohit R Raval Lecturer M.E. MECHANICAL 8 YEAR CAD/CAM
5 Mr. Raviraj D Gohil Lecturer M.E. MECHANICAL 7 YEAR CAD/CAM  
6 Mr. Jignesh B Sinojiya Lecturer M.E. MECHANICAL 6 YEAR MACHINE DESIGN  
7 Mr. Ravi D Gondaliya Lecturer M.E. MECHANICAL 6 YEAR MACHINE DESIGN
9 Mr. Parth M Lakum Lecturer B.E 5 YEAR MECHANICAL
10 Mr. Vijay J Makwana Lecturer B.E 4 YEAR MECHANICAL
11 Mr. Milan N Popat Lecturer B.E 5 YEAR MECHANICAL
12 Mr. Mayur R Chotaliya Lecturer M.E. MECHANICAL 5 YEAR CAD/CAM
14 Mr. Vivek P Maru Lecturer B.E 3 YEAR MECHANICAL
15 Mr. Vinod K Maru Laboratory Assistant ITI 12 YEAR DRAUGHTMEN MECHANIC
Sr. No. Title of Paper Name of faculty Designation Link to the paper published
1 DEVELOPING A GUI BASED DESIGN SOFTWARE IN VB ENVIRONMENT TO INTEGRATE WITH CREO FOR DESIGN AND MODELING USING CASE STUDY OF COUPLING Indrajitsinh J Jadeja Hod http://www.ijesrt.com/issues%20pdf%20file/Archives-2014/April-2014/88.pdf
2 Thermal Analysis of Casting using ANSYS: A Review Indrajitsinh J Jadeja
Parth M. Lakum
Ravi D. Gondaliya
3 Another Look towards Product Cost Estimation using Feature Techniques Indrajitsinh J Jadeja
Akash Shukla
4 Energy Analysis of 12.5 MW Co-Genration PlanT Milan M Pankhaniya Lecturer http://ijariie.com/FormDetails.aspx?MenuScriptId=1057
5 Study of Performance & Exhaust Analysis of Petrol Engine Using Methanol-Gasoline blends Milan M Pankhaniya Lecturer http://nuicone.org/site/common/proceedings/Mechamical/oral/ME-8.pdf
6 Solar cooling techniques for rural area-A Review Darshan H Bhalodia Lecturer stmjournals.com/tech/index.php?journal=JoRACHV&page.pdf
7 Energy and Exergy Analysis of Coal Fired Cogeneration Power Plant Darshan H Bhalodia Lecturer https://www.ijert.org/phocadownload/V3I2/IJERTV3IS20737.pdf
8 Design of cam geometry for minimization of fillet radius in square hole drilling operation Raviraj D Gohil Lecturer http://www.ijaerd.co.in/papers/finished_papers/ijaerd%2014-0175.pdf
9 Design And CFD Analysis Of Submersible Pump Impeller Of Mixed Flow Type For Performance Improvement Vishal G Chhaya Lecturer https://view.officeapps.live.com/op/view.aspx?src=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ijaerd.com%2Fpapers%2FDESIGN%2520AND%2520CFD%2520ANALYSIS%2520OF%2520SUBMERSIBLE%2520PUMP%2520IMPELLER%2520OF%2520MIXED%2520FLOW%2520TYPE%2520FOR%2520PRFOMANCE%2520IMPROVEMENT-VISHAL.G%2520CHHAYA.docx
10 REVIEW ON DESIGN IMPROVEMENT OF MIXED FLOW PUMP Vishal G Chhaya Lecturer http://www.ijaerd.com/papers/finished_papers/REVIEW%20ON%20DESIGN%20IMPROVEMENT%20OF%20MIXED%20FLOW%20PUMP-30931.pdf
12 Finite Element Analysis of CNC Slanted Bed Rohit R Raval Lecturer http://www.ijsrd.com/articles/IJSRDV3I50025.pdf
13 Casting Simulation using Procast-A Review P M Lakum Lecturer http://stmjournals.com/index.php?journal=JoPRM&page=article&op=view&path%5B%5D=6799
14 Shrinkage porosity abd temperature distribution analysis of air cooled cylinder block of grey cast iron-ASTM class 35 P M Lakum
Lecturer http://ijariie.com/AdminUploadPdf/%E2%80%9CShrinkage_Porosity___Temperature_Distribution_analysis_of_air_cooled_Cylinder_liner_block_of_Grey_cast_iron___ASTM_class_35%E2%80%9D_ijariie2186.pdf
15 Developing a GUI based software in VB environment to integrate with Creo for optimize forging tolerance utilizing case study of coupling Mayur R Chotaliya Lecturer http://www.ijariie.com/AdminUploadPdf/Developing_a_GUI_based_software_in_VB_environment_to_integrate_with_Creo_for_optimize_forging_tolerance_utilizing_case_study_of_coupling_ijariie2854.pdf
Sr. No Title of FDP Attend by Faculty Date & Year
1 Enhancing English communication Skill All Mechanical Staff 10/10/2018 to 13/10/2018
2 FDP on AUTO Desk Fussion 360 organized by GTU I J Jadeja
R D Gondaliya
3 Fundamentals And Design of Heat Exchangers M M Pankhaniya 18/12/2017 to 22/12/2017
4 Enhancing English communication Skill R.D.Gondaliya 10/4/2017 to 17/04/2017
5 Computational fluid dynamics using ANSYS D.H Bhalodia 19/12/2016 to 23/12/2017
Sr.No. Name of students Semester Year Achievement Details Type of Event
1 Makwana Yash
Mandli Bhavin
3rd 2018 Qualified in International
Design Competition
by CADD Center
2 Goswami Yashvan
Vivek Dhokai
5th 2018 Secure 1st Rank in
Technical Quiz on
Engineer’s Day
3 Rajbattha Meru 5th 2018 2nd Rank in
Institute Level
Drawing Competition
4 Narpali Alfran 5th 2018 3rd Rank in
Institute Level
Drawing Competition
5 Undaviya Keyur 4th 2018 Secure 1st Rank in
Elocution Competition organized by IOCL
6 Malaviya keval,
Denish lakhani,
Vadhiya Mitesh,
Parthraj Zala,
Jeet Trivedi
6th 2016 Participated in
“PRAVEG 2016-.
at Nirama University.
7 Sanghani Ronak 6th 2016 1st rank in Technical quiz
in Tech utkarsh 2016 held
at Atmiya College
8 Parvadia Shivam
Makadia Pinakin
4th 2016 Participated in Junior National Throwball Championship
2105-16, kerala.
9 Makwana Sagar 4th 2016 2nd rank in Handicraft competition 2016 held at Atmiya College Non-Technical

CAD Seminar on Reverse Engineering

A CAD/CAM seminar was organised on Reverse Engineering for the 5th semester student on date-28/02/2018.

Seminar on solidworks

A Seminar on solid works was organised for 3rd and 5th semester student on date-24/03/2017.

Wokshop on lean six sigma

A Seminar on Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt was organised on date-06/02/2017.

Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA)

Student’s Industrial Workshop on Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) was organised on date-10/10/2018 where student got knowledge about simple methods to increase energy productivity.

Visit at Rupkala Engineers

An industrial visit was conducted at Rupkala Engineers Metoda on the date of 17/09/2018, 18/09/2018 and 20/09/2018 for 5th semester students for the subject named Manufacturing Engineering-III on topic Gear Manufacturing.

Visit at P.M.DieselPvt. Ltd. Rajkot

An industrial visit was conducted at P M Diesel Pvt. Ltd. Rajkot on dated 02/08/2018, 03/8/2018 & 04/8/2018 for 5th semester students for the subject name Thermal Engineering-II.
Students had achieved practical knowledge of Diesel engine components, inventory control, assembly and testing process.

Visit at Sensitive Casting Rajkot

An industrial visit was conducted at Sensitive Industries Rajkot on dated 09/07/2018 & 10/7/2018 for 3rd semester students for the subject name Manufacturing Engineering-I.
Students had achieved practical knowledge of Green sand casting process and heat treatment process which includes pattern making, core making, mould making, metal melting and pouring, and material testing process.

Visit at Prime Tech-cast Pvt. Ltd. Metoda

An industrial visit was conducted at Prime tech-cast pvt. ltd., metoda on dated 27/07/2018 & 28/7/2018 for 3rd semester students for the subject Manufacturing Engineering-I.
Students gained practical aspect of an Investment casting process and heat treatment process which includes pattern making, core making, mold making, metal melting, pouring, and material testing process.

Amul Dairy, Anand.

An industrial visit was conducted at Amul Dairy, Anand for 6th semester students on date- 17/12/2018 for the subject name Manufacturing System in which students had achieved knowledge of Advance manufacturing system like Flexible manufacturing system (FMS).

GSECL, Sikka

An industrial visit was conducted at GSECL, Sikka for 4th semester students on date- 7/03/2018, and 14/03/2018 for the subject name Thermal Engineering-I in which students had achieved knowledge regarding production of electricity in Thermal power station.

Sr no Enrollment No. STUDENT NAME COMPANY NAME Year Package Position Photograph
1 156030319554 Jaydeep Nakum Atul Auto 2018 1.2 LPA DET
2 156030319586 Nipesh Sarvaiya Atul Auto 2018 1.2 LPA DET  
3 156030319574 Radadiya Amil Atul Auto 2018 1.2 LPA DET  
4 156030319560 Pandya Mehul Atul Auto 2018 1.2 LPA DET  
5 156030319084 Parmar Virjee Atul Auto 2018 1.2 LPA DET  
6 156030319071 Muliyana Abhisekh Atul Auto 2018 1.2 LPA DET  
7 156030302057 Mistry Abhisekh Bajaj Auto 2018 1.4 LPA DET  
8 156030319557 Nimavat Vivek Bajaj Auto 2018 1.4 LPA DET
9 156030319004 Asodiya Vipul Bajaj Auto 2018 1.4 LPA DET
10 156030319103 Sarvaiya Soham Rolex Bearing 2018 1.2 LPA DET
11 156030319612 Vekariya Savan L&T Construction 2018 1.8 LPA DET
12 156030319033 Ghaghda Jeet L&T Construction 2018 1.8 LPA DET  
13 156030319078 Kevin Pansuriya L&T Construction 2018 1.8 LPA DET  
14 166030319540 Pala Devang Rolex Rings 2018 1.2 LPA DET
15 166030319544 Parekh Yash Rolex Rings 2018 1.2 LPA DET  
16 166030319539 Nathvani Karan Rolex Rings 2018 1.2 LPA DET
17 156030319549 Kishan Mathukiya Arrow Technocast 2017 1.2 LPA DET  
18 156030319071 Muliyana Abhisekh Arrow Technocast 2017 1.2 LPA DET  
19 156030319058 Khandhar Paras Arrow Technocast 2017 1.2 LPA DET
20 156030319107 Prashant singh Asahi Glass 2017 1.4 LPA DET
21 146030319591 shekhat milan Essar Group Ltd. 2017 1.4 LPA DET  
22 146030319110 Prem Thakkar Essar Group Ltd. 2017 1.4 LPA DET
23 146030319055 Kaladiya mustashid Essar Group Ltd. 2017 1.4 LPA DET
24 146030319543 joshi kishan Essar Group Ltd. 2017 1.4 LPA DET
25 146030319061 Jay Kathrecha L&T Construction 2017 1.8 LPA DET  
26 146030319032 Rakesh Faldu L&T Construction 2016 1.8 LPA DET  
27 136030319020 Dabhi Yogiraj Maheer Tech. 2016 98 KPA DET
28 106030319053 Bhavin Chauhan Tata motors Ltd 2014 1.4 LPA DET

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