Yogidham Gurukul has excelled in the field of education and is known today as one of the foremost centres of education & learning in state. For thousands of its students it has been a gateway of professional life. To meet the demands of a changing and challenging global environment, Management of the college has introduced a English Proficiency certificate program for the development of Listening, Speaking & Reading skills of the students.

Two A/C  well equipped  Language Laboratory with 80 systems offers 3 different levels of EPP using Words Worth software viz.

Prep 1 : Basic English Skills
Prep 2 : English Grammar
Prep 3 : Pronunciation & Listening skills.

Each level of EPP (ENGLISH PROFICIENCY PROGRAM is of 4 month duration (90 hours).

In addition,Language Laboratory also offers practice sessions for

1. Glossary & mother tongue influence removal tool for the correction of the pronunciation.

2. SCOPE certificate program.