Department of Master of Computer Application was started in 2000 & it strives to offer quality education in the filed of Information Technology.

The dedicated services of the Department to the community for more than a decade has nurtured numerous IT professionals.

Department is having ambitious objective of developing professional expertise and skilled manpower in information technology and related areas. The department was set up with an annual intake of 60 students and subsequently enhanced to 180.

Over the years department has progressed at a rapid pace with its infrastructural facilities, advanced syllabi and proficient staff who are a part of various research and development activities. Consistent with these objectives are the high priorities the Department places on quality research and effective teaching.

Department is enriched with high configuration computer labs with high bandwidth internet facility, audio visual room, centralized library. It offers an excellent academic environment to boost complete personality development, increase the capabilities and confidence of both the teachers and students to take up the challenges of the dynamic socio-technical world.

In this era of technological explosion, the department is dedicated to maintain a high standard of excellence through quality, technology and innovation.

The department has organized Seminar series by eminent personalities from industry, academia and from Professional bodies. The department has organized various workshops to upgrade the technical and teaching skills of the staff. The department encourages participating in National/International conferences to present papers and learning upcoming knowledge.

An advanced program in Computer Application, this three year post graduate course focuses on both theoretical and practical aspects and applications of computer technology in enabling the students to be knowledgeable. The MCA program seeks to prepare students for high level careers in the ever expanding field of Computer Applications. It comprises a comprehensive and integrated sequence of courses aiming to develop knowledge and skills in all areas of Computer Applications. In today’s intense dependence on computers in almost every area of technology application, this course will give the firm footing for the student to succeed in care. Realizing the importance of multinational companies eyeing India as the bastion for software production, the Department’s objective is to train the students in both theory and practice on one side and in software and hardware development on the other side, so that they become competent software and hardware professional. In this way the Department aims to prepare the students to become employable on their own skills.

Department uses various ICT tools for effective teaching such as DTH Receiver, Projector, Audio – Video Lecture series, Internet access etc.

A glance through the alumnus indicates that, most of them are either well placed in the reputed firms or in reputed Institutions in India as well as abroad.

The faculties have been showing immense interest in encouraging academic activities to introduce new industry standards to the students. Faculties have membership of prestigious professional bodies like ISTE etc.

Most of them have upgraded their knowledge through additional training in advanced information technology and is a continuous process by attending various faculty development program.

India shines in the global IT arena. More and more Multi National Companies entering Indian market seeking to employ IT talent among young Indians.

Worlds top man power research firm projects will be facing shortage of IT talented manpower in the near future. A rewarding career awaits talented Master of Computer Applications graduates.

Information Technology offers more career prospects comparing to the contemporary ones. A right place and right choice in IT education will definitely sail any one to the new heights. There are different areas of IT, which have provided opportunity to the MCA’s.

The M.C.A. Department helps in providing the I.T. and Computer Industry with world-class talent and creating some of the finest software professionals year after year.

By providing concept-oriented subject knowledge through a high quality teaching that is supplemented with practical training, the Department aims to bring out some of the brightest minds into the world of computers and technology.

The department organizes various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to develop important social and professional faculties in the students.

Beyond Academic department conducts lecture session on Preparing for the interview, GD and Aptitude test, Managing Software Projects, Preparing the students to present Paper in international / national / state level conference and seminar, Motivating the students for participating in various technical and non – technical competitions.

Most common co-curricular activity is the programming contest apart from that extension lecture to keep the students abreast of the latest developments in the field of the latest developments in the field of commerce and industry. Participation of our students in inter college technical competitions.

Apart from the curriculum and Lab training the Association conducts Quiz competitions, Team wise Competitions, Group Discussions, Cultural activities, Extempore, on the spot painting competition, Debate Competition, Rangoli Competition etc. which enhances Personality development, helps to acquire Up-To-date Knowledge in different subjects and builds confidence and thereby acquiring excellence in their career.

Department students have participated in university youth festival and sports competitions which bring out hidden skills of the students beyond academics.

Department mission is to educate students in the theoretical foundation of the discipline and its creative application to the solution of complex problems, and to prepare students to learn independently in a discipline that is constantly changing.

Supported by a liberal arts education, the program seeks to develop students who are sensitive to the wide range of social concerns impacted by the discipline and are articulate in expression of their ideas and actions.

To provide students with a deep understanding of fundamentals as well as important current applications and research, emphasize learning at the research frontier so they can develop theory, methodology and experimental skills to investigate and solve state of the art technological issues,and be successful professionals.

 To enable them to communicate using oral, written, or electronic media, and have the teamwork and leadership skills needed to recognize, isolate, and solve system implementation problems.

 To prepare students as committed and open to continuous learning, new ideas, and be able to bring to bear to help others.

 To develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students.To have a sense of ethical behavior and respect for diversity.

To provide ties to alumni to enhance their opportunities for continued learning and leadership, establish liaison with Industry to advise and to provide research opportunities.