Training and Placement

Placement is a Valuable Opportunity for our students to integrate relevant, Practical work with academic study. Seen as integral to the Student’s degree. The placement is supervised, monitored and assessed accordingly.

In today’s competitive job market, work experience gives graduates something extra. The skills a student develops on placement like communication, time and project management, problem solving, team working etc. are invaluable assets when beginning a graduate career…

Campus Recruitment Program conducted by the college is a very vital activity for the young engineers aspiring for appropriate Placements in the industry. Only with its fifth outgoing batch, the college has already attracted some formidable companies to recruit students from our campus.

The Recruitment Process

The stage of recruitment can be broken up broadly into three parts.

  • Pre Placement Talk
  • Written tests/Group Discussion/Personnel Interviews
  • Declaration of results

The facilities provided to facilitate the visitors are Lodging & Boarding arrangement at city, rooms for Pre Placement Talks,Tests,Group discussions and interviews, audio-Visual facilities for PPTs etc.

1. Pre Placement Talk

Over the years Pre-placement talk have been the standard forum for company-student interaction. PPT’s provides students with an opportunity to learn more about the organization and meet the Organizations member.

2. Written tests/Group Discussion/Personnel Interviews

For the final selection of candidates, the companies have been conducting the personnel interviews, augmented by written tests and the group discussion for the preliminary selection. These interviews are used to gauge the technical knowledge and other aspects of the candidates and helps the companies in selecting the most appropriate Candidate for organization and for the position being offer.

3. Declaration of results

After the conduction of interviews the companies declare the results as soon as possible in order to avoid the possibility of candidate being selected for the multiple jobs. These results are communicated to the student community through Notices or mails.

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