Computer Center :

Eleven centrally air conditioned Computer labs equipped with excellent IBM, COMPAQ and DELL computers, over 320 in number with latest software of academics relevance. We have Gujarat s first SUN SOLARls laboratory and a software development project laboratory.


Each computer is networked to intemet 2OMbps lease line giving the fastest downloads and net access to each student. Students are provided personal IDs and separate storage space on server.

Reprography facility:

Photocopying facility is  available in the library & Student stores.

Administration :

All the information about the institute policies and smooth working of the institute is being observed by administrative department.

Central Language Laboratory :

Two A/C. well equipped laboratories with 80 systems & words worth software. English Proficiency certificate program & SCOPE program are run by Central Language Laboratory.

Student Store :

Study Material, Manuals, Previous Examination Paper Sets, Dress, Lab Coats, Lamination, Photocopying, Stationary, CDs, DVDs etc. is available at Student Store.

Botanical Garden :

Institute is having a botanical garden where students learn botanical aspects of various medicinal plants.

Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF) :

CIF is a cluster of State of the Art A.C. Laboratories viz. Analytical lab., Growth room, Cold room equipped with sophisticated equipments & instruments like FT IR, UV-Vis., KaFi, HPLC, GC, HPLC, Microwave Synthesizer etc.

Auditorium :

For the in house functions and large gathering our sister institute on the same campus is having two air conditioned auditoriums and one central hall with comfy seating arrangement.

Cafeteria :

A cafeteria- canteen is available on the campus for students which serves hygienic food and beverages. The food and snacks served to the students is balanced and nutritious.

Medical Care :

“A healthy mind lives in a healthy body” is the essence of a prosperous life. Campus provides intact healthcare facilities to look after the overall health of students. Regular medical check-ups and tests are carried out for the students in tune with several NGOs and parents are informed about if the follow ups are required

Banking :

Students are provided special benefits of students accounts from the Union Bank with the ATM card. Institute is having on campus SBI- ATM centre.

Hostel & Mess :

Hostel building is situated under the serene, academic, natural and holy atmosphere, surrounded by hundreds of neem trees overlooking a vast playground. Students can apply for hostel accommodation after his / her confirmation of admission in the college. Application forms can be obtained from the Rector office at hostel building. A Mess is available on the campus for students which serves hygienic food.