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About the Cell


Madhyastha Darshan or ‘Co-Existential Thought’ is the name for a set of propositions about reality. It has come about via original existential exploratory-research by (late) Shri A Nagraj of Amarkantak, India (originally from Hassan, Karnataka). It is a new discovery of the fundamental nature of the Universe, Human Being, and Consciousness& Human purpose. It discusses the nature of matter, consciousness, space & evolution and thus demystifies the human being and existence.

This philosophy has sound proposals to resolve our current issues such as:

    • Personal strife and meaninglessness
    • Interpersonal issues with people – in the family & around
    • Societal conflict – like war & exploitation
    • Ecological problems – pollution & resource depletion

This understanding results in living with simplicity , generosity, kindness & benevolence . We can understand ourselves as humans and fulfill our relationships in family, society and nature. This is Happiness.

Value Education for Consciousness Development (VECD) Cell designed to work with Co-existential Philosophy.

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With a vision of transforming stakeholders from underdeveloped consciousness to human consciousness through holistic value education, the objectives of the cell are given below:

  • Students gain the ability to explore their Natural Acceptance to Life which leads to fulfilling relationship.
  • Develop the mindset for necessity of sustainableproduction at the family level to ensure fulfilling growth.
  • Explore the minor/simple technological advances to fulfill the basic needs of a family.
  • To pass on the value content to faculty members so that they can evaluate student conduct holistically.
  • The stack holders to realize that it is the satisfying relationship and not the possession of physical resources which give the ultimate Happiness in life.

VECD Cell conducts regular 2 credit courses spread over 1st semester and 2nd semester (1st year) in all UG/PG program. Besides 2 compulsory credits, VECD Cell also offered Value Added Course (VAC) and Co-curricular Course (COC) in UG/PG program.




    • 1.Vikalp aur jv adhyayan bindu 2015
    • 2.Divya path 2017
    • 3.Jeevan vidya ek parichay 2017
    • 4.Manavvyavhar darshan 2015
    • 5.Manav karm darshan 2017
    • 6.Manav abhyas darshan 2010
    • 7.Manav anubhav darshan 2015
    • 8.Anubhavatmak adhyatamvad 2009
    • 9.Samadhanatmak bhautikvaad 2009
    • 10.Vyavharatmak janvaad 2017
    • 11.Avartanshil arthashastra 2009
    • 12.Vyavharvaadi samajshastra 2009
    • 13.Manav sanchetnavaadi manovigyan 2008
    • 14.Manviya samvidhaan sootravyakhya 2007
    • 15.Paribhasha sanhita 2015
    • 16.Manav vyavhaar darshan english hindi 2012
    • 17.Aarogya shatak 2017






      • 6 Days 6th Adhyayan Satra on Manav Abhyas Darshan by Shri Surendra Pathak ji at Atmiya University from 07/01/2019 to 12/01/2019
      • 1 Day Introductory Session on Adhyayan Prakriya by Shri Somdev Tyagiji at Atmiya University on 02/04/2019
      • 3 Days AICTE Sponsored FDP on Human Values in Higher Education by Shri Jigar Ratnottar on Atmiya University from 03/06/2019 to 05/06/2019
      • 3 Days AICTE Sponsored FDP on Human Values in Higher Education by Shri Ankit Kalariya on Atmiya University from 10/06/2019 to 12/06/2019
      • 4 Days Weekly Goshthi by Shri Ajay Jain ji at Atmiya University from 01/07/2019 to 04/07/2019
      • 8 Days Jeevan Vidya Parichay Shivir by Shri Somdev Tyagiji with All Higher Authority of Atmiya University at Nikora from 25/09/2019 to 02/10/2019
      • 8 Days Jeevan Vidya Adhyayan Bindu Shivir by Shri Somdev Tyagiji at Haridham Sokhda from 07/11/2019 to 24/11/2019
      • 5 Days Gujrati Parichay Shivir for Family Members of faculty by Rakesh Oza at Atmiya University from 25/12/2018 to 30/12/2018
      • 1 Day Session on Role of Education by Shri Somdev Tyagiji with parents at Atmiya University on 09/01/2020
      • 1 Day Session on Role of Education by Ajay Jain ji with parents at Atmiya University on 15/01/2020


      • 3 Days Jeevan Vidya shivir with students by Shri Somdev Tyagiji at Atmiya University from 10/01/2020 to 12/01/2020

Mr. Jigar B. Ratnottar

Asst. Professor
M.Tech. (Micro Electonics and VLSI Design)
Dept.: Electronics& Communication
Exp.:14 years Academic


Mr. Vijay C. Dandwani

Asst. Professor
M.Tech. (VLSI Design)
Dept.: Electronics& Communication
Exp.:13 years Academic, 3 years Industries


Mr. Paras P. Kalariya

Asst. Professor
Dept.:Information and Technology
Exp.:6 years Academic, 0.6 Years Industries


Mr. Ankit K. Kalariya

Asst. Professor
M.Tech Software Systems
Dept.:Computer Engineering
Exp.: 10 years Academic


Mr. Vishal G. Chhaya

Asst. Professor
Dept.: Diploma Mechanical
Exp.: 10 Years Academic, 0.5 Year Industry


Mrs.Khyati P. Joshi

Asst. Professor
Dept.: Information and Technology
Exp.: 4.8 Year Academic


Mr. Jay A. Patel

Asst. Professor
Dept.: Electronics & Communication
Exp.: 5 Years Academic



Academic Expansion from 1988 Onwards.

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