Core Values

At Atmiya University, We

  • Encourage to be courageous to question ideas, ignite new ways of thinking and action.
  • Firmly believe on collective leadership, work as integrated team with trust, collaboration and connectivity across our different disciplines and throughout the world.
  • Respect and celebrate diversity. With a generosity of spirit, we value emotional intelligence as well as knowledge, empowering one another and enabling our students to realise their full potential.
  • Excellence is a way of life. We understand the importance of critical thinking, discipline and responsibility, and we expect the very highest standards of ourselves and our students.
  • Co-existential thinking and Green-thinking is at the nucleus. Our common aspiration is to respect the planet and we are committed to practice and promote sustainable alternatives at all the spheres, both on the global stage and in our own working environment.
  • Facilitate acquiring knowledge on every aspect of life, to bring happiness, spiritual bliss, respect people and appreciate society.