Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering were established in the year 2005. The Electronics and Communication Engineering is an enhancing branch of Engineering today by both parents and students. The Department offers a high quality undergraduate education that is relevant to the future careers of our students. The Department recognizes the fact that faculty and students are the most essential support on the realization of this mission and to enhance working environment. The Department provides fundamental and applied skills in engineering, computing and mathematics. It offers innovative approaches for teaching-learning and encourages virtual learning in order to tap the potential of its highly successful alumni spread all over the globe. The learning environment, including faculty, staff, and administration is focused on the evolving needs of students and society. This allows individuals with diverse backgrounds to enter, succeed, and continue the life-long earning process in their chosen careers.


The youth into an engineers who can meet the technological challenges in Electronic and Communication Engineering. To provide superior learning experience with an excellent vision of the future educational needs of society.


To impart technological education, which is complete in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering and to develop leadership qualities amongst the students to create a centre of excellence to impart scientific and research ethics in them.

Having strong background in basic science and basic mathematics and use these tools in their own engineering field.
Follow and contribute to the developments in their own field recognizing the significance of lifelong learning.

They should be able to identify, formulate and solve electronics & communication engineering problems using appropriate tools and standards of electronics and telecommunication engineering.

Understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, societal context and sustainability and demonstrate professional and ethical behaviour

On completion of the diploma Electronics and Communication, student will be able to

  • Having strong background in basic science and basic mathematics and able to use these tools in their own engineering field.
  • Pinpoint and define engineering problems in the fields of electronics and communication engineering.
  • Employ necessary techniques, hardware, and communication tools for modern engineering applications.
  • Solve problems through analytical thinking in their own or related fields.
  • Work in a multi-disciplinary environment.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Having strong ethical and professional responsibility and adhering to quality.
  • Able to take individual responsibility and to work as a part of a team.

Electronics and communication programs prepare students for careers as systems engineers, research engineers, controls engineers, communication engineers and electronic engineers, as well as researchers and university professors. The programs are rigorous with an emphasis in math and science. Also students have opportunity to work in field of wireless, digital, data and fiber optic communications.

Sr. Name of Faculty Designation Educational Qualification Specialization Photograph
1 Mayur C. Patel I/C HOD M.Tech . Digital Communication  
2 Niraj V. Bhadresha Lecturer M.Tech. Digital Communication
3 Jitendra R. Shishangiya Lecturer M.E. Electronics And Communication  

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Sr. No. Name of student Sem Achievements Details
1 Raparka Bhoomi 6th Gold Medalist in Gtu (2015)
2 Ghaghada Dhaval 5th 3RD Rank in GTU Branch Wise Result
3 Juneja Farhin 5th 8TH Rank in GTU Branch wise Result
4 Senjaliya Nisha 3rd 6TH RanK in GTU Branch Wise Result

Expert Lecture on Soft Skills Development 

Soft skills development is an essential part of a student’s education. In order to give its students a head start, the Institute of #Diploma #Studies at #AITS arranged for an expert lecture for the 2nd-semester students of all Diploma branches. The session focused on the how’s and why’s of the basic skills beside providing tips on facing Interviews, grooming and communication Do’s and Don’ts.

Sports plays 

Sports plays an important role in the overall development of a student, and promoting a sporting culture is one of the responsibilities of an educational institution. Atmiya Institute of Technology and Science for Diploma Studies (AITS-DS) conducted Sports Day on 9th March 2018, which saw an enthusiastic participation from students in diverse events such as Basketball,Volleyball, Kabaddi, Athletics, Carom, Chess, Table tennis, Badminton and Kho-kho.

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