Goals and objectives of B.A. English

About the Department


The department of English believes in rendering quality education along with the moral values to the students. It emphasizes on basic understanding of English language and hence encourages students coming from vernacular medium to develop and improve their English language. Various assignments, projects and activities given here sharpen their speaking, writing and communication skills allowing them to articulate their thoughts and ideas in spoken and written form.

The department offers mixture of literature and language. The literary genres and theories included here not only develop their critical thinking but also help students to explore any literary piece of work with broader perspectives. They understand social, political, historical, cultural impact on writers and their work. The department has also introduced a paper on Indian Writing in English which familiarize students with some prominent Indian writers and their works.

As we aim at building language competency, we offer electives like phonetics and translation that give a better understanding of aspects of the language. Regular sessions in the well-equipped language lab helps students to practice and improve their language.

The objectives of teaching English Language to the students are to equip them to use language in an efficient and effective manner. The idea is to empower an average student in such a way that learning English becomes a pleasurable endeavor. It is with this aim in mind that the new topics and text books have been chosen for English Language Program. The focus of the new text books is two-fold: to teach finer nuances of language, Linguistics, Phonetics and Phonology through an integrated approach;and to teach composition through activity-based, not rule-based approach. For this reason, we have consciously chosen topics and text books that de-emphasize literature and re-set our focus on the study of language.


  • An improved intellectual flexibility along with an added understanding of human values.
  • Remarkable interpreting skills with the understanding of the various literary forms, theories, methods and culture.
  • Proficiency in the use of English language while making their base of literature stronger.
  • Polished analytical skill that will make provisions for the students for their research and professional environment.

Upon completion of the prescribed program of study in Communication Skills, the students should be able to:

  • To help students understand the process and cycle of communication with the understanding of the NOISE (Communicative Hindrances.
  • It is also desirable for the students that they can differentiate to understand general and technical communication so as to make use of language in wider perspective through different levels of communication.
  • To develop the ability of the learners to locate main ideas and supporting ideas in a listening excerpt.
  • To enable them to understand different accents of English
  • To develop the sub-skills of listening
  • To Enrich their thinking power by literature of English.

Scope of Program


The committed and curious faculty members of English department expect their students to replicate the same qualities with an open mind to explore and enjoy new theories, ideas and concepts.

The students with these qualities open doors of opportunities for themselves. The papers that we offer here enhance their speaking and writing skills which help them to express themselves better. Having strong and clear background of literature and base of the language, the graduates have various fields to go for after getting the degree. After their master’s degree, students can practice profession of teaching, journalism, public relations, content writing, hotel management, fashion designing, social work etc. English graduates can opt for administrative jobs in civil and defense service too. They can also opt for some newly emerging jobs like a translator /transcription or editor as their learning here will make them competent with language. The field of art and drama is where these students can contribute remarkably as they have proper background and understanding of its theories and have studied some of the classic plays.

Along with this, the constant guidance of the teachers will help them shaping their career and future.

Dr Shivangi Oza

Ph.D (English Literature)
Exp.:08 Years

Dr. Jay Ranpura

Assistant Professor
Ph.D (English Literature)
Exp.:08 Years

Mr. Nishant Dave

Assistant Professor
MA (English Literature), B.Ed Exp. Ph.D (pursuing)
Exp.:08 Years

Mr. Hardik Joshi

Assistant Professor
MA (English Literature), Ph.D (pursuing)
Exp.:05 Years

Mr. Nilesh Helaiya

Assistant Professor
MA, M.Phil
Exp.:05 Years

Ms. Jayana Gajjar

Assistant Professor
MA (English Literature) SLET
Exp.:01 Years

Mr. Ashok Khuman

Assistant Professor
MA (English Literature), SLET
Exp.:03 Years


Academic Expansion from 1988 Onwards.

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